Paul Bartnik is a skilled and true craftsman in every phase of the jewelry-making process. At Paul Bartnik Designs, every step is done in-house: 

• Designing/Rendering
• Wax carving
• Mold making
• Platinum/Gold casting
• Platinum/Gold fabrication
• Stone setting: Channel, Flush, Bezel, Bead, Pavé, Prong, and exotics
• Filigree Inlay
• Hand engraving spécialiste

With a strong local and worldwide clientele, Paul creates custom jewelry pieces for private clients as well as wholesale custom jewelry store accounts.

Paul invites all his clients to share the jewelry-making experience, side by side with him as their piece is being made. Anything you can imagine becomes a reality.

Paul is available to be flown around the world as a project dictates, be it for design or hand-delivery of a finished piece. Out-of-town clients can also schedule blocks of time to work with Paul in his studio.

As part of his many talents, Paul is a contemporary torchbearer to the ancient craft of hand engraving, a coveted skill practiced by few jewelry artists today.

Designing custom jewelry with Paul is akin to writing new music. You search for a new groove that’s never been done while respecting the history of the craft. You push beyond. You reach for the infinite. 

Have you recently welcomed a new addition to your family or are expecting to soon? Check out Baby Footprint Jewelry by Paul Bartnik.